The spending stalemate that has brought the government to the brink of a shutdown is being fueled by G.O.P. demands to add conservative spending mandates opposed by President Biden and Democrats.

The spending showdown that has brought the government to the brink of a partial shutdown this week is being fueled by Republicans in Congress, who, after failing in their efforts to slash federal funding, are still insisting on right-wing policy dictates.

House Republicans loaded up their spending bills with hundreds of partisan policy mandates, a vast majority of which had no chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate or being signed by President Biden.

They include measures to target various pieces of Mr. Biden’s agenda, such as one to restrict access to abortion medication and another to restrict the Department of Veterans Affairs from flagging veterans deemed mentally incompetent in a federal background check needed to buy a gun.

With just four days remaining before funding lapses for roughly a quarter of the government, some of those issues are emerging as major sticking points in negotiations to reach a deal to keep the money flowing. Republicans also are objecting to a proposed increase for federal programs aimed at providing nutrition assistance for low-income families as well as for women and infants.

  • @LocoOhNo
    4 months ago

    My boss is one of those “ultra Maga” lunatics. He likes to say “well, wherever you get your news isn’t giving you the full story.” I said “did you ever think that maybe you’re being lied to by Newsmax?” He got very indignant about it. The notion that a Russian propaganda channel would lie to him of all people…

    That’s the thing; Dunning-Kruger is rampant among these people. And, it hasn’t escaped me that it’s mostly people with a Southern accent. The fact that the American South has some of the lowest education scores and highest rates of religion kind of tells you everything you need to know about who the civilized world is up against.

    There’s a reason Hitler had a hard-on for the Jim Crow South. The line between Confederate sympathizer and Nazi is razor thin.