So, I played Shenmue and progressed through the story by going to different locations asking about ‘the three blades’; I learned more about Ryo’s father’s murder but I wasn’t sure how I progressed the story because I just got back to playing the game.

All Ryo ever asked instead of the three blades was now only where sailors hang out when I asked the lady at the ramen-noodle restaurant.

Is anybody an expert on Shenmue about this?

    2 months ago

    Yeah, this is the famous part where Ryo asks about sailors. You can check your notes or ask around, but I am assuming you left Manpukkuken Ramen?

    You’ll have to look for a bar that is open at night, I believe its near the motorcycle repair shop. But if you keep asking different NPCs, they will eventually tell you where to go.