• @MartianRecon
    21 month ago

    Wait you work on Mars missions?! What the heck do you do man that’s awesome!

    • @Krauerking@lemy.lol
      1 month ago

      Not anymore. I couldn’t get funding for either of my projects and literally couldn’t figure out to do with my dual majors in theoretical astrophysics and xenobiology.

      So now I work basically just IT support…

      I helped build the infrared cameras for some satellites, nothing like getting a stack of diamond disks for lenses and just tossing half of them for impurity reasons to make you understand how the budgets end up so high.

      And I was using the THEMIS camera for specifically work with mars atmospheric and habitability studies.

      Edit: I dunno here is a fun side fact. Because of my past life, I have had direct interactions with Bill Nye (the science guy), that make me know he is an asshole, and I consider him to be a negative force on the scientific community. Just all around a self absorbed anti intellectual.