Knock on wood, I have not used them in quite a while.

  • tal
    111 months ago

    I mean, scrolling down that list, those all make sense.

    I’m not arguing that Google should have kept them going.

    But I think that it might be fair to say that Google did start a number of projects and then cancel them – even if sensibly – and that for people who start to rely on them, that’s frustrating.

    In some cases, like with Google Labs stuff, it was very explicit that anything there was experimental and not something that Google was committing to. If one relied on it, well, that’s kind of their fault.

    • @The_Mixer_Dude
      111 months ago

      Well that’s kind of the thing, that’s why Google announces they are ending those things. Most companies just end development silently and let those things differ l drift off without support or intention to solve issues which becomes incredibly telling for anyone who comes along and decides to integrate that software into their systems or daily life which later just becomes a massive problem down the line.

      Announcing the end of something, and even coming up with a solution for it like domains switching to square space, GPM transferring user songs into YouTube music, and SketchUp selling to Trimble are low or even zero hassle solutions that result in longer term support for their users without throwing a “sorry it’s all broken now, go fuck yourself” methodology